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          Manasa Nursing Home is a premier neuropsychiatric facility established in 1979. Started on a modest scale with 10 inpatient beds, has now expanded to a 100 bed in patient facility offering inpatient and outpatient care in adult and child psychiatry, neurology, psychosocial rehabilitation, Psychological assessment, counselling and physiotherapy.

The institute is headed by Dr. K.A.Ashok Pai an eminent psychiatrist, film maker and writer. Dr Pai is a household name in Malenadu and Karnataka and Manasa has gained acceptance and credibility as providing affordable, comprehensive committed care for patients with psychiatric, neurological and psychosocial problems.

Manasa in its 35 years of existence has treated well over 1,75,000 patients.
         “As I have often said, I admire your creativity and work ethic which makes this place vibrant.
My best wishes to Manasa”
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